11 Piece Complete Kitchen Tool


Collections: Kitchen Utensils

Product type: Cookware

Vendor: culinaryedge.com


Retail Price: $19.99

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  • Applecorer and slicer: Quickly and easily slice apples into 8 even wedges while simultaneously remove
  • Bent shears: All-purpose cutting shears with an angled blade for leverage
  • Beveled pizza slicer: Beveled stainless steel blade with santoku cullens, effortlessly glides throug
  • Citrus reamer: Quicklyand easily extract fresh juice from citrus fruit
  • Egg slicer: Cut hard and soft boiled eggs into uniform slices
  • Set Includes:
                Cheese Slicer
                Wide blade Y-peeler
                Large pizza cutter
                Lemon zester
                Garlic press
                Pastry brush
                Apple corer & slicer
                Egg slicer
                Bent Shears
                Citrus Reamer
                Mesh storage box